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Standard TV installation -
up to 50 inches

The idea of this service is to take the worry and stress out of getting a TV working.
Your products will be unboxed,  connected and tuned.

Standard TV installation includes:

Unpack the boxes, checking the items and assembly of your TV onto its stand (or any stand or table you already have)

Connection of the TV to a nearby power point and to the aerial socket using the existing cables or those that came supplied with the set.

Connection and adjustment of your TV with up to 3 other items -these could be your DVD player, set-top box or satellite system, using the cables that came supplied or cables you already have at home.

Tune your TV to receive terrestrial digital TV  (Freeview)

Give you a demonstration of how your new TV and remote control work.

What’s not included:

The TV or stand

Mounting your TV on the wall

Attaching any bracing straps or supports to your walls or furniture

Any cutting or drilling, moving fixtures, fittings or heavy furniture

Any extra cables or extension leads – although extra common cables are available and you can buy from me if you need them

Moving any sockets, whether that’s power or phone sockets, or changing any cabling that was put in by someone else like Sky or BT.

Although the signal level and quality from your aerial can be checked at the point of installation, aerial repair / replacement is not covered by the TV installation service. I can however recommend a reliable installer.

SMART TV and Internet Connection

Unlike some other agents, I can set up your Internet and catchup TV accounts. Please contact for details.


Microwave Ovens Repaired.

Safety Testing